Pipercross Performance Air Filters

Pipercross Performance Air Filters

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Top performance replacement element panel filters from Pipercross. Designed for improved air flow, these special foam filters replace the original paper filters without modifications.

Improvement of air flow by 30% and higher filtering of finer dusts. Air filter service intervals are extended with the Pipercross panel filter, with a lifespan between cleaning of double that of the same paper filter and nearly three times that of a cotton-gauze filter.

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Pipercross Air Filter PX1429
BMW Serie 5 E61 520d 150/163cv 09/05-08/07

x377€ 44.26
Pipercross Air Filter PX1629
BMW Serie 5 E61 525d 03/04-02/07

x498€ 51.72
Pipercross Air Filter PX1629
BMW Serie 5 E61 530d/xd 07/03-02/10

x498€ 51.72
Pipercross Air Filter PP1884
BMW Serie 5 E61 535i 09/07-02/10

356x286€ 36.89
ingrandisciPipercross Cleaning Kit (detergent and dirt retention additives) € 15.10

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