Magnecor KV ignition wires

Magnecor KV ignition wires
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Magnecor KV85 Competition (8.5mm thick) ignition cables are primarily designed for vehicle engines that use computerized engine management systems and high-output ignition systems. Delivery time 15 days

Magnecor's Metallic Inductance EMI Suppressed 2.5mm high-capacity silver-coated conductors will maintain conductance of full spark energy without emissions. For heat protection, the insulating jackets made entirely of aerospace silicone rubber.

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Magnecor Set of KV85 cables Mod 45367 for (8L) 1.6i 8v 1996-03

AEH/AKL/APF€ 91.80

Magnecor Set of KV85 cables Mod 45367 for (8P) 1.6i 8v 2003-11

BGU/SE/SF€ 91.80

Magnecor Set of KV85 cables Mod 45587 for (8L) 1.8 20v fino a telaio 8L-V-140 000 1996-03

AGN€ 173.79

Magnecor Set of Electrosport 80 cables Mod 40584 for (8L) 1.8 20v da telaio 8L-V-140 001 1996-03

AGN/APG€ 132.27

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