Sparco - Ultra Racing Strut Bars

Sparco - Ultra Racing Strut Bars

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The original adjustable strut bar, high grade steel with red high temperature paint finish

Minimize the strut tower flex during hard cornering. Select your car model using the pull-downs below

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Front Strut Brace TW2-1644 for
1.6T 2007-

Ant€ 96.66
Rear Strut Brace RE2-1645 for
1.6T 2007-

Post€ 96.66
Interior Brace RO2-1646 for
1.6T 2007-

Int€ 96.66
Front Lower Brace LA6-1648 for
1.6T 2007-

Ant€ 142.11
Front Lower Brace LA2-1647 for
1.6T 2007-

Ant€ 79.92
Mid Lower Brace ML4-1649 for
1.6T 2007-

€ 121.95
Mid Lower Brace ML4-1650 for
1.6T 2007-

€ 105.12
Rear Lower Brace RL4-1651 for
1.6T 2007-

Post€ 92.52
Side/Other Brace RT2-1652 for
1.6T 2007-

Altre€ 79.92

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