Powerflex Poly Suspensions Bushes

Powerflex Poly Suspensions Bushes

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Powerflex polyurethane suspension bushes. Can help provide better control and reduce tyre wear.

Original bushes are replaced without modifications. Please check the drawing and exact measurement where required.

Q.tyKit componentPrice
excl. VAT
1*2Front Wishbone Inner Bush (Front) PFF85-501€ 24.11
1*2Front Wishbone Inner Bush (Front) Camber Adj PFF85-501G€ 52.82
2*2Front Wishbone Rear Bush Anti-Lift & Caster Offset PFF85-502G€ 64.62
2*2Front Wishbone Inner Bush (Rear) PFF85-502€ 31.22
3*2Front Anti Roll Bar Bush 22.5mm PFF85-503-22.5€ 17.58
3*2Front Anti Roll Bar Bush 23.6mm PFF85-503-23.6€ 17.58
3*2Front Anti Roll Bar Bush 24mm PFF85-503-24€ 17.58
4*1Petrol Engine Mount Insert PFF85-704€ 25.20
4*1Diesel Engine Mount Insert PFF85-704R€ 25.20
51Lower Engine Mount Front PFF85-505€ 23.21
82Rear Tie Bar to Chassis Front Bush PFR85-508€ 21.66
92Rear Lower Spring Mount Outer PFR85-509€ 18.94
102Rear Lower Spring Mount Inner PFR85-510€ 18.94
112Rear Lower Link Outer Bush PFR85-511€ 23.01
122Rear Lower Link Inner Bush PFR85-512€ 23.01
132Rear Upper Link Outer Bush PFR85-513€ 18.94
142Rear Upper Link Inner Bush PFR85-514€ 18.94
15*2Rear Anti Roll Bar Bush 18.5mm PFR85-515-18.5€ 18.94
15*2Rear Anti Roll Bar Bush 19.6mm PFR85-515-19.6€ 18.94
15*2Rear Anti Roll Bar Bush 20.5mm PFR85-515-20.5€ 18.94
15*2Rear Anti Roll Bar Bush 20.7mm PFR85-515-20.7€ 18.94
15*2Rear Anti Roll Bar Bush 21.7mm PFR85-515-21.7€ 18.94
24*1Rear Diff Front Mounting Bush PFR85-524€ 31.67
25*2Rear Diff Rear Mounting Bush PFR85-525€ 29.32
27*2Rear Subframe Front Mounting Bush PFR85-527€ 43.42
28*2Rear Subframe Rear Mounting Bush PFR85-528€ 43.42
* Verify size where marked with (*) and select applicable

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