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Ferodo Racing Competition Brakepads Set and Ferodo Fluid

Ferodo Racing Competition Brakepads Set and Ferodo Fluid
VEDI DETTAGLI Dettaglio 1 Dettaglio 2 Dettaglio 3

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Premium choice of Ferodo Racing competition pads for GR A, GR N, Rally, Sport, Tourism, Formula and Endurance.

Brakepads for competition use only. Compounds type DS4003, DS3000, DS3000 Plus, DS3000 Endurance and the new DS1.11

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Click on the codes to view pad drawing and measures
03/91->12/93Front Pads DS4003 - Cod. FCP370C€ 111.76
03/91->12/93Front Pads - Cod. FCP370Z€ 148.60
03/91->12/93Front Pads DS1.11 Track - Cod. FCP370W€ 148.60
03/91->12/93Front Pads DS3000 - Cod. FCP370R€ 123.24
03/91->12/93Rear Pads DS3000- Cod. FCP409R€ 102.31
03/91->12/93Front Pads DS2500 - Cod. FCP370H€ 89.71
03/91->12/93Rear Pads DS2500- Cod. FCP409H€ 71.69
05/93->Front Pads DS1.11 Track - Cod. FCP565W€ 250.27
05/93->Front Pads DS3000 - Cod. FCP565R€ 188.68
05/93->Rear Pads DS3000- Cod. FCP409R€ 102.31
05/93->Front Pads DS2500 - Cod. FCP565H€ 131.24
05/93->Rear Pads DS2500- Cod. FCP409H€ 71.69
05/93->Front Pads DS3000 - Cod. FCP1052R€ 166.01
05/93->Rear Pads DS3000- Cod. FCP1113R€ 142.53
05/93->Front Pads DS2500 - Cod. FCP1052H€ 132.28
05/93->Rear Pads DS2500- Cod. FCP1113H€ 90.48
05/93->Front Pads DS3000 Endurance - Cod. FCP1052E€ 207.55
 2x0.5 lt. Ferodo Formula brake fluid (each)€ 11.20

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