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Ferodo Racing Pads, Brake Hoses and Fluid

Ferodo Racing Pads, Brake Hoses and Fluid

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Set of 4 Ferodo Racing DS2500 brake pads, competitions brake hoses in teflon with steel mesh and Ferodo DOT5.1 high performance brake fluid.

Complete kit for considerable improvements in braking performance. The compound is suitable for road and light rally use. Stable response with both cold and warm brakes, OEM life time.

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Pls click on codes below to view pad drawings
01/91->12/93Front brakepads - Cod. FCP721H€ 180€ 144.00
01/91->12/93Rear brakepads - Cod. FCP726H€ 110.53€ 88.42
AllHP3 braided steel brake lines kit RT-TF081€ 125.00€ 100.00
500ml Ferodo Racing DOT 5.1 brake fluid€ 12.85€ 9.00

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